Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Earth Moved: Ruby and the Little People

My novel, The Earth Moved text is complete! While it got its ongoing edits, I am just beginning my deep edit: check for misplaced modifiers, junk words, awkward phrases, and overused words (she thought, he felt, I knew, etc)(maybe, probably, pretty, and kind of).
"She thought she knew how he felt, but probably it was a pretty long shot, kind of like intuition." Okay, that is out of my system!

The Earth Moved concerns Ruby Stiffbeard, a Dwarf, from Irth, jumping into modern Earth, only to land in a reality dating show for little people. She learns what being a dwarf is like here in the 'land of the free.' She meets Thorn Bierman, a cameraman who is fleeing justice after committing environmental terrorism (or activism, depending on your point of view) against a fracking operation in Texas. Ruby speaks out so much against the humiliating activities the dating contestants must do to win a "tiny but handsome" bachelor that she gets kicked off the show. The victim of Thron's sabotage comes to California to get revenge. Ruby begins her own talent agency to help dwarf actors and others who are usually relegated to 'character parts' get roles normally reserved for average-sized pretty people. Thorn's house is blown up when Texas refuses to extradite him for trial and he is hospitalized. The fairies in charge of transporting agents to Earth to improve the planet they all share insist that Ruby go back with them. Can she/will she leave the man she loves or risk a reversal of all she's accomplished? Can her fledgling talent agency survive without her at the helm? And if she stays, will her sister, being raised by elves back home, go through plastic surgery on her ears to fit in?

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